Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black

After having a success for his kolaboration with Setiwan Djody & Funky Kopral, Bondan Prakoso tries to colaborate with Fade2Black. An independent Hiphop group from Bogor which got the talented rappers, they are Tito, Eza dan Ari. They even dont get blurry with the concept. Bondan & Fade 2 Black made a music with a concept that has jazz, hip-hop, rock, techno and ofcourse funk which also mixed with style in their 1st Album, called RESPECT.

Bondan Prakoso & Fade 2 Black is a colaboration between lyrics and soul from a young gen Hiphop group Fade2Black , with the idealism musical Bondan Prakoso. The Lyrics speak alot about the lfe of young generation nowadays, which are creatives, anthusiastic, agressif, and a little bit chaos.

In This album, Bondan tries to produce it himself, from the music material, arrangement, programming and looping. And he even sing in couple of the songs besides also played almost the instruments in this album. What a talent he’s got!

In process of making this album, they also involved a talented Jazz musician from indonesia who’s gone International, Rio ‘sidik dari’ Saharadja whos filled in the trumped sounds in couples of songs, which are: Its All about Soul! ( Funk/Soul), Jazzy Tringual (rapping in 3 different languanges,English, Bahasa and Dutch, saluut for Fade 2 Black!) also dont forget about “Please Dong Ah” which tells story about how bad luck they are,Ari, Eza and Tito during their trip that can make you smile.

Feels Like Home, which is written by Ari, Eza and Tito, tells a journey , da happy and da sad, they’ve made during the making of this album, between Jakarta and Bogor . besides the humorious lyric in Please donk ah, Bondan & Fade2Black shows their brain in connecting words in rhyme in Siapa @@@, Hidup Berawal Dari Mimpi and 1234.

Who would,ve known that a rapper cant be romantic?Just check BUNGA, which also appears as their 1st hot single in their 1st debut album RESPECT. With their own style, Bondan & Fade 2 Black has made it to reflecs their romantics side.

Just enjoy RESPECT for their every agressif powerfull beat , full with high adrenalin rush but still in stylish sound.
Track Listing
1 Respect
2 Please Dong Ah!
3 Bunga
4 Feels Like Home
5 Hidup Berawal Dari Mimpi
6 Siapa…???
7 Realistic
8 It’s All About Soul
9 Stay On The Line
10 Jazzy Tringual
11 1234
12 Cahya Cinta Sejati

Release Date01 November 2007
In the era which POP has become a major trend and a swelling love sickness,where all bands compete to make a simple and easy song, BONDAN PRAKOSO & FADE 2 BLACK is turning their back to all this by releasing their breakthrough & non to date single , they called it “KERONCONG PROTOL” ,

Bondan Prakoso a/k/a Mr B with the support from hip hop group Fade 2 Black, are back to collaborate through their new latest album called UNITY. Compare to their1st album RESPECT, the collaboration between Bondan and Fade2Black, Tito, Eza dan Ari is getting more intents than there ever was. Bondan acts multi-roll as vocal, musician, and producer, while Fade2Black full in Rap.

For seeking the theme, this time Bondan & Fade2Black not always talking about daily life, but also moving to more serious topics, which is United in Differences. Bondan Prakoso & Fade 2 Black has feel sick with nowadays social conditions ,they try to ask the environment to care about each other, by ignoring the differences in idea, social, culture or also including music. it’s one of the reason the called their album UNITY, because that’s the central theme of this album.

From his musicality sides, Bondan has made his existence worth to be count as a producer who has their own class. Bondan, who’s with Fade 2 Black got a an award as BEST RAP INDONESIA MUSIC AWARD 2006 has succeeded in combining rap with every kind of music genres, such as hip hop, rock, funk, techno, jazz, until keroncong. Wait a minute..KERONCONG? No doubt,they did made keroncong music back to live. There it is Keroncong Protol a/k/a cutting edge of keroncong music.

“Man, They really show sum interest in Keroncong Protol, even though at 1st they were a bit shocked while we’re on stage, but then the audience were exciting ’bout it . So, it is busted that traditional music can blend-in to modern music.” say a man who has been jam-sessioning with Akira Jimbo (Cassiopea drummer legend ) enthusiast.

In total 13 songs, this album is a true, honest cross-over genre and multi genre sensational. There was a time when ‘UNITY’ was shout out as a rock anthem, where rock formula and funk was united, plus the typical bass sound of Bondan.

For their fans, they have dedicated a song called ‘Rezpector’. A song that has a mixture of funk rock in anthem ways (Rezpector is named for Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Blacks’ fans). While in ‘Rock On The Beat’, human beatbox sounds (beat sounds and scratch that produced by a mouth) which made by Tito and formulated by other Fade2Black members, feels so dynamic and catchy while inserted with Bondan’ bass. Inspired by James Brown, Bondan spits the track ‘Wrong Way’, which fully covered by funk rock ambiance, where in reffrain part full with dynamic rock squashing.

Reggae has been given to all in one of the track, called ‘Expresikan’ , then in the next part of the song comes a jungle beat like drum & Bass. The lyrics it self’s talks about a provocative way to act as what your hearts says, NOT what others.

Tired with the humping beat, time to relax with more ballad tracks. Like ‘Kau Puisi’, a big band composition, with oboe as the instrument, until triangle. The Lyrics are obviously so poetic.

‘R.I.P (Rhyme In Peace)’, song that were specially made to be dedicated to passed away Fade 2 Blacks’ beat maker. Is one of the song that reflects on how a friendship should be. Also still in one ambiance, there is ‘U’ll be Sorry’, a techno dance song which delivers ears to more futuristic and mystic vibes .

Bondan, who is inspired by Rocco (Tower Of Power bassist ) and Les-Claypool (Primus Band bassist ) has made bass instrument as a part that will never be apart from his identity and he gives a personal touch in the composition for funk and jazz in the song ‘Microphone XXX’ , where his bass solo glorified and erotics as the lyrics.
Track Listing
1 Unity
2 Xpresikan
3 Kau Puisi
4 Keroncong Protol
5 Waktu
6 U’ll Be Sorry
7 Rezpector
8 R.I.P (Rhyme In Peace)
9 Gusti Dewata Mulia Raya
10 Wrong Way
11 Microphone XXX
12 Rock On The Beat
13 Last But Not Least

Release Date21 April 2010
Label:Sony Music Indonesia
After releasing the album RESPECT (2005) and UNITY (2007), in the year 2010, Bondan Prakoso & Fade 2 Black who’s also known as B & F2B has issued their 3rd new album titled FOR ALL. This album contains 11 songs. On this album, Bondan Prakoso’s still rolling his role as the producer, arranger, vocals, and bassist. He has composing his music in many different kinds of music with fast rhymed verse poetry a.k.a Rap. Bondan is of course still supported by Fade 2 Black troops, they are Tito AKA Titz, Ari AKA Santoz, and Eza AKA Lezzano.

FOR ALL album recording begins approximately at mid-year 2009 and was completed in November. The first song recorded was “Tetap Semangat”, a rhythmic ska tracks that have a surprise reggae element in the middle of the song, as a spirit burner for anyone who hear it. Just so you know, this song was recorded in a hotel between the sidelines of their tour. No wonder if this song contains the essence of the bearer of the spirit to them who is far from relatives during their tour.

Bondan Prakoso who is one of multi-genre musician and a cross over is back into action again. In the album ‘For All’, we can enjoy a song called “Tidurlah”. This song is reminiscent of The Everly Brothers music touches on the year 1960 or early 1970 which also became the inspiration notation on the era pop song from Bob Tutupoli, Rinto Harahap, until Nia Daniati and Betharia Sonata. In this song, they are really serious in cultivating excellency on the recording and also on the election of the drum sound, guitar sound, backing vocals and song arrangements. All elements are composed truly as in their glorious era at its time.

Maturity and collaboration B&F2B on this ‘FOR ALL’ album is more intense and has been merged into one soul. For Examples, Bondan is giving opportunity and share more flexibility to each personnel of Fade 2 Black to explore their idealism lyrics and music of their own ideal. Bondan as producer and arranger provides the opportunity to Tito, Ari and Eza to interpret the song choice in accordance with their own style. For example Eza, Bondan made an alternative music with a touch of funk with the title song, “Bumi ke Langit”. While for Arie, with rhythmic hip rock music titled “Terinjak Terhempas”. As for Tito’s with the song “Not With Me” which colored rock ballad.

“Good Times” shows Bondan’s maturity in playing bass as well as demonstration an arrangement with shades of funk soul music that has its own class. More fun again, because this song is also punctuated with the taste of Human Beatbox (Voice of beats and scratch that produced by mouth) by Tito and Rap shouts from Eza and Ari.

Something special, B & F2B saw no song that adequately represent a high school kids during a farewell ceremony graduate school or a fancy term called ‘prom-night’. Then they made a special song titled “Kita Untuk Slamanya” as a tribute to the show. So that the expected events held more impressive and meaningful for students who graduate from high school who in fact these are most of the fans of B & F2B.

In the song “Sang Juara” Bondan made a music arrangement which expected to be an anthem spirit burner in the arena of sports. This song contains elements of brass section sound which makes this song seems dramatic. The lyrics itself provoke people/athlete to give more passion in achieving their targets to be the WINNER.

After listening to fully constantly fast rapping tracks, it’s time to listen to “Not With Me”, this song is a ballad song and sung by Tito Fade2Black AKA Titz. This song proofs that beside Tito can rap very fast and expert in Human BeatBoxing, apparently Tito has also a melodious voice and has a distinctive character. Bondan’s working on this song with a touch of 80s rock ballads sounds like in the era of Bryan Adams.

Btw, if you notice, in the front cover of the album ‘FOR ALL’, it has a lot of small photos. The photos are pictures of all Rezpectors (the community fans stamps of Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black) and the persons who are supporting us from day one. Other appreciation B&F2B has given are also manifested on the inside cover of the album which comprising lines pride logos of their representatives Rezpector areas that are scattered throughout the territory of Indonesia.

“Ya Sudahlah” was selected to become the ultimate single on the album ‘For All’. The reason is because the song has the strength in notation and its verse, plus accents of the voice choir of adults to children that was so crowded and powerful, adding its own ambiance. This song tells us that if your hope and dreams haven’t yet revealed, it’s not necessarily turn us to be sad, ’cause everything’s gonna be OK.

“Whatever happens I will always be there for you, don’t be sad ’cause everything’s gonna be OK”
Track Listing
1 Ya Sudahlah
2 Good Time
3 Tetap Semangat
4 Sang Juara
5 Bumi ke Langit
6 Not With Me
7 S.O.S
8 For All
9 Terinjak Terhempas
10 Kita Selamanya
11 Tidurlah


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